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15 Key Cutter For Cars Benefits Everyone Should Know

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What Is a Key Cutter For Cars?

A key cutter is an essential tool for locksmiths. This tool lets you create duplicate keys for automobiles quickly and easily. It also helps you save money by decreasing the number of replacement keys you need to order.

Porsche-New-2023.pngLook for a high-quality blade that offers precision. A top-quality key-cutting tool should be simple to use and come with a warranty.


A key cutter for cars is a tool that duplicates keys. This tool is helpful for many purposes for example, making spare keys for cars or cutting other locks. The machines are available in a variety of prices so it is important to choose one that fits within your budget and meets your needs. It is also essential to think about the type of key you'll be cutting before buying car key cutter.

Key Clone is a popular option for those who lose their keys, but it is also a risk. If a duplicate of a key is used in place of the original one the vehicle might not recognize it and may not start. This could lead to costly repair costs. To avoid this, you should make a new key and programmed by a reputable locksmith.

Car keys have evolved over time from simple metal pieces to electronic devices that have a computer chip. They must be programmed to work with a particular vehicle, and not all locksmiths have the tools or expertise to accomplish this. Some require expensive computer programming software that can be priced at thousands of dollars. Others must be created using automated key cutting machines that cost tens of thousands of pounds to purchase.

Most locksmiths employ the mechanical key cutting machine to duplicate keys for cars and keys, but they can also duplicate keys from key fobs or remote control heads. These are more expensive than regular keys, because they require a special key to function. This can be very costly depending on the car model you have.

While it is possible to buy a key duplicator at home, the process can be labor intensive. It is also unlikely to be financially feasible unless you intend to produce a lot of copies every year. Most key duplicators cost thousands of dollars, and it would require hundreds of keys in order to be profitable. You can save money by buying keys that are blank in large quantities and using a vice or a hand file to duplicate them.


Car keys require precision cutting to ensure function and security. Improperly cut keys could cause damage to the ignition and make them less reliable. You can also save money by investing in the right tools. Most locksmiths in the automotive industry charge between $50-$90 for key cutting, based on the type of blade. However, they can charge extra for high-security keys or fobs that require transponder programming in order to start the vehicle.

A trustworthy locksmith will have a range of tools for cutting keys and programming. They should have a stock of the most popular kinds of keys like smart and transponder key systems, as well as sidewinder knives. They must also have an knowledge of the latest technology in automotive. This will allow them to provide the best service for their customers.

In addition to the standard keys, some of the latest automobiles are equipped with keys that have a chip that requires programming after cutting. The process is as simple as putting the key into the ignition and waiting for the engine to turn over, or more complicated procedures, like reprogramming a key in the vehicle's computer. In the latter scenario the auto locksmith will need to have a special key programming tool, which will cost more than an ordinary key cutter.

If you're looking for a multi-functional car key cutting machine, check out the Gymkana 994 from Keyline USA. It comes with an universal self-aligning U clamp that cuts by code or decode the majority of double-sided and laser edge cut keys. It can also be used with other clamps: the V clamp for Volkswagen laser keys, which includes the latest four-sided versions, and the H clamp for 6-cut Tibbe system. It can be used for single-sided, commercial, and Car Key Cutting Service Near Me residential automotive keys.

Another option that is popular is the Silca Futura Pro Auto, which is able to cut standard keys as well as OE key fobs. It comes with a built-in accessory tray and LED lights that show the status of the key. The LED lights will change from white to yellow, and then green once the key is ready to be cut. The shortcut function lets you perform a quick key search.


The art of cutting a car key is much more than simply forming a piece metal. It's a technique that guarantees security, convenience, and peace of mind for car owners. It requires specialized tools for precise cuts as well as the appropriate skills to avoid damage to your lock's components or the ignition. A professional locksmith can also cut a replacement key for you in the event that you lose or stolen keys.

Modern cars are usually equipped with a transponder chip which blocks other keys from beginning the engine. To cut these types of keys, you require an instrument called a sidewinder key duplicator. These machines are costly, and require a license in order to operate them. They are not accessible to the general public, which makes them difficult for thieves to replicate.

The blade of the Sidewinder key is made to resist the possibility of picking or bypassing. This cutting-edge design improves the durability of the car locks by 30% and makes it more difficult for criminals to copy. It also increases your vehicle's security by making it more difficult to steal your car key cutting service near me or alter the transponder.

If you're planning to cut keys made of wood, you'll need a key cutter that is not an automotive laser. The keys are half moon-shaped and are inserted into a semi-circle which is cut into the key slot. Woodruff keys are easier to remove than parallel keys. They can be inserted or removed by turning the cylinder.

These keys are encased with a microchip to protect them from illegal reproduction. These keys can also be programmed to allow you to open your car. If you lose or break one, you'll need to replace it. These can be purchased from locksmith services and a few car dealerships offer them as standard security features.

If you are buying the key cutter, make sure it's made of top-quality materials. Key cutters that are cheap can be easy to break or bend, which can compromise the safety of your car. Make sure you buy a car that comes with an assurance of quality.


A key cutter for cars is a device used to create keys that can be used as replacements for cars. In contrast to traditional mechanical keys, modern keys make use of transponder chips to send information over radio frequency transmissions. When the car's onboard computer system detects this data and allows the mobile car key cutting to start. While the majority of modern cars can be started by using these keys, it is necessary to have transponder key programmers to program the new keys for the vehicle. It is a small handheld device that can transmit the data to the on-board computer of the vehicle.

The device usually takes 15 minutes to send the data to the vehicle. In this time the vehicle will be rendered inoperable. You can accelerate the process by connecting the device to your computer and transferring the data over USB. This makes the process quicker, and will save you money on repairs.

A majority of these devices have an inbuilt database that contains information on the different types of key for each manufacturer. The database contains information such as the number of teeth, hex code, biting, and other vital details. It can also tell if a blank key is compatible with your vehicle's locks. The hex code will be displayed on the screen and you can select the right key from the list of available alternatives. This feature is particularly useful when you are trying to rush to make your key, or if you have lost the original key.

Another advantage of this tool is its ability to program VATS and dimple keys. These keys are equipped with an embedded resistor in the blade, which lets the device to recognize them. This technology can help protect against stolen cars because it is hard to duplicate.

The Triton Plus comes with a 1-year warranty and is protected by Lock Labs' guarantee of quality. This warranty covers all components that are found defective within the first year after purchase. The warranty covers free repairs or replacements if the machine fails. The warranty also covers any materials required for the repairs.

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