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20 Trailblazers Leading The Way In Veterans Disability Compensation

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How a Veterans Disability Attorney Can Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

The process of getting veterans disability benefits can be overwhelming. A qualified veterans disability lawyer can guide you from start to finish.

It's important that you locate an attorney who practices disability law and handles cases of this nature at all levels of appeal. This will ensure you receive the best representation.


If the VA rejects a claim or fails to approve benefits, it gives the veteran or his her surviving spouse to appeal. This is a complicated and lengthy process that can be complicated even with the most straightforward disability claims. A veteran disability lawyer can help you understand all of your options and get the benefits you deserve.

The most common reason why people submit a claim for disability is that they are not satisfied with their disability status. In this situation, the lawyer can make sure that the evidence is in place to support a valid rating based on a debilitating condition that was caused or worsened by military service.

Another common reason for people to require a hartford city veterans disability law firm disability lawyer is because they have been waiting too long to receive their benefits. The lawyer can assist in determining what documents are missing, and then make an inquiry for these records to the VA.

A veteran disability attorney can also alleviate the burden of dealing with the VA away from your shoulders. This will allow you the time to concentrate on your health, as well as any other obligations you have. Some lawyers are veterans which can give them an exceptional empathy for their clients. This can make a huge difference in the outcome of the appeal.

Higher-Level Reviews

Since the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 (AMA) provides veterans with more options if they disagree with VA decisions on their claims. The Higher-Level Review is a decision review option that permits the senior reviewer to look at the same evidence presented in the original claim, and then make an additional decision regarding the case. The senior reviewer can confirm or reverse the previous rating decision.

The veteran or their representative may request an informal meeting with the senior reviewer to discuss the case, however, only one such conference is allowed. It is essential to be prepared and explain your case in a concise way at this conference. An attorney that specializes in the field of disability for veterans can help you prepare and participate at the informal conference.

Higher-level reviews are typically used to correct mistakes made by the previous reviewer on the case of a disability claim which could include failing to interpret evidence or making mistakes in the law. The senior reviewer can alter an earlier decision regarding the same claim to correct these kinds of errors but only if the changes are beneficial to the claimant.

The more extensive review can result in a hearing for the applicant, which is an opportunity to talk to the person reviewing the claim and to explain their arguments. A veteran disability lawyer can help decide whether or not a personal hearing is required, as well as prepare and present evidence for the hearing.

Notice of Disagreement

Once the VA has examined your claim and reached a decision, you are able to file a notice of disagreement within one year from the date that the local office has sent you the initial denial letter. The VA will review your case again and create an Statement of Case.

To file a complaint for a disagreement, you should file VA Form 21-958. A disability lawyer can assist to fill out the form correctly to appeal the decision. It is not necessary to list every reason why you are not with the decision; however it is best to be specific so that the VA is aware of what you believe is incorrect. Your attorney can help you on what evidence to submit in the NOD such as statements from medical professionals or results of diagnostic tests.

If your appeal is rejected at this point If you are denied, you can try again to review it by a senior reviewer in form of a Higher-Level Review. It could take as long as 25 months, and it is important to have your attorney at with you every step of the process. If the VA denies your claim, your lawyer may request a hearing before a Veterans Law judge to present testimony and other evidence in person. If your claim is ultimately granted, your attorney will prepare you for your check.

Statement of the Case

Congress has passed many laws to ensure that saraland Veterans disability attorney ( receive compensation for illnesses, injuries, and conditions they've endured during their service. However, the VA is a huge bureaucracy and it's easy to get lost in the maze of regulations. A veteran disability lawyer can help people navigate the system and offer the much-needed assistance.

Once a veteran files a Notice of Disagreement to his or local VA office, the VA must conduct an investigation into the case. This includes looking into the regulations, laws and evidence used to reach the original decision. It also involves examining the medical records of the veteran as well as when necessary, lay statements. The VA must provide the applicant with the Statement of Case which includes a list of evidence that it has reviewed.

The statement should be in plain language and provide the reasoning behind the decision, including the interpretation of the laws and regulations relevant to the case. It should address the issues made by the plaintiff in his or her NOD.

The Statement of the Case is typically mailed to the veteran within 120 days from the date the NOD was filed. Due to the VA backlog, it might take the agency longer to issue the document. If you're a veteran seeking to appeal the decision of a rating agency or a claim for benefits, contact a lawyer for villa rica veterans disability lawyer disability from Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C.

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