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What Do You Think? Heck Is Veterans Disability Litigation?

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How a Veterans Disability Settlement Can Affect a Divorce Case

Jim's client, a 58 year old man is permanently disabled because of his military service. He receives a monthly Pension benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

He wants to know if a jury verdict will impact his VA benefits. The answer is not. However, it will affect the other sources of income he earns.

Can I Receive Compensation for an accident?

If you have served in the military, and are permanently disabled because of injuries or illnesses, you could be eligible for a veteran disability settlement. This settlement could help you get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to your illness or injury. The kind of settlement you'll be able to get will depend on whether the condition is service-connected or non-service connected, which VA benefits you are eligible for, and how much your accident or injury will cost to treat.

For instance, Jim is a 58-year veteran who was diagnosed with permanent disabilities after two years of service during the Vietnam War. He hasn't got enough work space to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits but he does have a VA Pension benefit that offers cash and free medical assistance dependent on financial need. He wants to be aware of how a personal injury settlement will affect his ability to benefit from this benefit.

The answer will depend on whether the settlement is a lump-sum or a structured one. Structured settlements consist of the payment of over time instead of a single payment. The amount paid by the defendant is calculated to offset the existing VA benefits. A lump sum settlement will impact any existing VA benefits because the VA will annualize and consider it income. In any case, if there are excess assets are left after the twelve-month period when the settlement has been annualized Jim could reapply for the pension benefit, but only if his assets fall below a threshold that the VA agrees establishes financial need.

Do I have to hire an attorney?

Many service members, spouses and former spouses are confused about VA disability compensation and the impact it has on money issues in a divorce case. Some people think that the Department of Veterans Affairs' compensation payments are able to be divided as a military pension in divorce or are "off limits" in calculation of child support and Alimony. These misconceptions may lead to grave financial errors.

While it is possible to make an initial claim for disability benefits by yourself, the majority of disabled bonner springs veterans disability attorney benefit from the assistance of a skilled attorney. A skilled veteran's disability lawyer will review your medical documents and gather the required evidence to present a strong case at the VA. The lawyer will also be able to submit any appeals you require to secure the benefits you deserve.

In addition, the majority of VA disability lawyers charge no fees for consultations. In addition the lawyer will typically be paid by the government directly out of your retroactive past-due benefits. This is a benefit of the Equal Access to Justice Act. The amount of retroactive past due benefits your lawyer will receive should be clearly stated in your fee agreement. For example the fee agreement could specify that the government will pay the lawyer up to 20% of retroactive benefits or pay. Any additional amounts are your responsibility.

Can I Garnish My VA Benefits?

The VA pays monthly compensation to disabled veterans. The funds are intended to compensate for some of the effects of disabilities, diseases, or injuries sustained during or aggravated by the veteran's military service. As with all income, veterans disability benefits are subject to garnishment.

Garnishment can be a legal proceeding which allows a court require an employer or government agency to deduct funds from the pay of an employee who is in debt and to send them directly to an individual creditor. In the event of a divorce garnishment can be used for child or spousal maintenance.

There are a few situations in which the benefits of a veteran can be encashable. Most common is the veteran who has renounced his military retirement in order to receive disability compensation. In these scenarios the pension portion that is allocated to disability payments can be garnished in order to cover the obligations of family support.

In other situations, a veteran's benefits can be withdrawn to cover medical expenses or past-due federal student loans. In these instances a court may be able to the VA to get the required information. It is vital for disabled zimmerman veterans disability law firm to find a competent attorney to ensure that their disability benefits aren't taken away. This can stop them from relying on payday lenders and private loans.

Can I Represent Myself in a Divorce Case?

VA disability settlements can be an enormous aid to veterans and their families, but they're not without their own set-of complications. If a veteran divorces and receives a VA settlement then they must know what this will do to their benefits.

One of the major issues in this regard is whether or not disability payments count as divisible assets in divorce. This question has been addressed in two ways. One method is an Colorado court of appeals decision, which found that VA disability payments are not property and cannot be divided in this way. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Howell, that garnishing a veteran’s VA disability payments to pay an alimony payment was a violation of USFSPA.

Another issue related to this issue is how disability benefits are treated for purposes of child maintenance and support. Both the USFSPA as well as the Supreme Court, prohibit states from utilizing disability benefits as income. However, some states have taken a different approach. For instance, Colorado adds up all sources of income to determine the amount in support a spouse needs and then adds the disability payments to take into the fact that they are tax-free.

Additionally, it is essential for veterans to know how their disability compensation will be affected if they are divorced and how their spouses' ex-spouses could take advantage of their benefits. By being informed about these issues, vets can protect their compensation and avoid the unintended consequences.

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